Accelerate your Lab with digital PCR!

25-April-2024 10:00 AM - 25-April-2024 1:30 PM
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Reserve some time to relax and listen to the presentations that most resonates with you. Our expert speakers will guide you through innovative dPCR genetic testing solutions, aiming to accelerate your research and discovery in the field of cancer and genetic diseases.

Thermo Fisher Scientific Team

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National Wastewater Surveillance System based on COVID-19 in a digital PCR application, Mrs. Janne Pullat, Health Board Estonia.
Quantifying AAV viral titers: an examination of qPCR and dPCR, Kimberly Gomez; Himani Patel, Scientists, Molecular Biology, Thermo Fisher Scientific.
Digital PCR applications in Plant Biotechnology, Dra. Aurora Gomez, Support Application Scientist, Thermo Fisher Scientific.
Unleashing the Potential of Digital PCR in Oncology and Hematology Cases, Atil Bisgin, Assoc. Prof. PhD, Çukurova University/ InfoGenom R&D Laboratories and Pathern Laboratories, Turkey
Detection of Measurable Residual Disease in Acute Myeloid Leukaemia by dPCR, Robert Baker, Molecular Haematology Operations Manager, HSL Analytics LLP
Medical importance of high sensitivity target detection of colorectal cancer biomarkers, Jose Duran-Moreno; Panagiotis Papanastasopoulos; Konstantinos Sakellariou, Medical Directors, part of Thermo Fisher Scientific.
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Thermo Fsiher Scientific Taq Academy digital PCR webinar
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