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Presentation skills for scientists

This course is a perfect opportunity for junior research scientists of all disciplines from academia to industry, particularly those starting to present their work at conferences and seminars.

The course will begin with practical instruction on key topics associated with slide content and the process of verbal delivery. Each delegate will then be invited to deliver a short scientific presentation with digital slides followed by a question and answer session.

The process will be filmed and played back to highlight positive aspects of delivery style and talk content, as well as to identify areas that require improvement.

HR Essentials

- Recruitment
- Holiday, sickness and other absence
- Dealing with conflict and resolving problems

- Disciplinary and grievance process
- Inducting new starters and probationary periods
- Storing personnel records

- Employers liability insurance
- Payroll
- Pensions
- Health and safety
- What to do at the end of employment

Pitching to Investors

This course provides a practical insight into the mindset, requirements and investment criteria of investors active in the life sciences industry.

During this full-day course the facilitator will provide an in-depth input on what investors are looking for, their 'sweet spots', preferred language and how to package and structure information from a business plan and turn it into a pitch document.

Participants are asked to bring along the first draft of their business pitch presentations and present a 3-minute snapshot of their pitches, which will be filmed. The presenters will receive individual feedback in terms of pitch content and delivery.

The Science of Storytelling

The ability to talk engagingly so people listen and remember what you said can make a huge difference to you and your business. And it can be learned. 

The ’Science of Storytelling’ course:
the chemistry and neuroscience of what makes some stories or presentations stick in people’s minds while others are soon forgotten 
Shows how good stories are constructed and teaches attendees how to think about their own communications more persuasively 
Demonstrates simple tips and techniques that equip people to speak more engagingly and with greater impact

This half-day course is aimed at anyone who wants to communicate more persuasively from communications professionals, to scientists or to managers and senior leaders. 

It includes a blend of teaching, discussion, group and Individual exercises so people can learn and practice the science of storytelling and make their communications more effective, whether it is in person, in writing or in social media. 

How the Drug Discovery Industry Works

During this half-day course the structure and commercial environment of the biopharmaceutical industry including key technical aspects of the drug development process will be covered.

This course is suitable for non-scientists: to help build overarching knowledge of this sector and help improve confidence for staff in handling future projects.

Social Media Fundamentals

Attendees of this course will gain: 

  • A good understanding of how to approach and apply social media to your industry with a social media strategy
  • Understanding of how to effectively use Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to engage with your target audience and drive business to your website 
  • Knowledge of how to reach new markets through developing options to interact with audiences and influence customer perceptions and action
  • Understanding of how to use engagement as a marketing tool