OBN Board and Team

OBN Board

OBN is governed by a balanced Board of Directors, whose members bring to the organisation significant commercial experience at the highest level across the pharma, biotech, medtech and financial sectors. The Company believes that the skills and experience of the Directors are of an appropriate mix to provide effective governance and management of the business. The Board is responsible for the organisation’s system of corporate governance and internal control and is accountable for all its activities. The Board reviews the operational performance of the organisation on a regular basis and aims to represent the interests of OBN’s Members through setting and reviewing its strategic focus, as well as to ensure the growth and development of a successful and sustainable organisation. The Board members are listed below.

Chief Executive Officer
OBN Chairman
CEO, Wilkinson Hall Ltd.
Vice-President, Search & Evaluation, Eli Lilly and Com
Independent Advisor, Private Equity
CEO, Evgen Pharma PLC
Company Secretary
Head of Events
Head of Purchasing & Membership

Board Observers

Translation Scholar

OBN Team Overview

OBN’s team is growing to meet a rising demand for OBN’s broadening spectrum of activities. We maintain a team of sufficient capacity to deliver our mission: best-in-class in supporting innovative companies. Many of our 12-person team have started and run businesses so we are able to use our experiences to ensure OBN’s offering is relevant and effective. The majority of the Commercial and Events team members have significant industry and sector-specific experience.

Chief Executive Officer
Head of Purchasing & Membership/Executive Director
Head of Events /Executive Director
Executive Assistant & HR Manager / Company Secretary
Events & Partnership Manager
Senior Event Project Manager
Marketing and Communications Manager
Events Coordinator
Head of Science & Entrepreneur Advocate