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AMSBIO has launched a range of genetically engineered Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (iPSCs) developed to provide improved model fidelity over cell lines and biochemical assays used for drug discovery and cell therapy research. These iPSC cell lines offer improved efficiency and cost savings compared to animal models, enhancing high-throughput reporter lines, human disease models and toxicity ...

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A naturally occurring peptide called PEPITEM could potentially rejuvenate the immune response in older individuals and protect against 'inflammageing', which is widely believed to be the root cause of many age-related diseases.

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Upperton Pharma Solutions, a contract development and manufacturing organisation (CDMO), is pleased to announce the successful completion of a Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) inspection at its newly commissioned 50,000 sq ft development and GMP manufacturing facility in Nottingham, UK.

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OBN's Head of Science & Entrepreneur Advocate, Philip Simister, summarises the key takeaways from our BioTuesday event that took place at BioEscalator, Oxford, on 2 July 2024: A Spotlight on Oncology Precision Prevention Treatments and the Expected Impact on People with High-Risk Conditions.

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What are the Four Main Steps of Next-Gen Sequencing?

NOTTINGHAM, UK – July 10th, 2024 – IsomAb Ltd, a UK-based biotechnology company developing isoform-specific disease modifying antibody treatments for serious and life-threatening diseases, today announced the expansion of its Clinical Advisory Board (CAB); the key role will be to provide expert clinical knowledge and advice on future clinical trials for the company’s lead programme. The CAB ...


AMSBIO offers a wide range of products to support skeletal muscle cell culture enabling you to streamline your modelling process in vitro.

Skeletal muscle accounts for 30-40% of the weight in a healthy individual. However, it is also a key site for insulin-stimulated glucose disposal and often where insulin resistance in obesity arises. Human primary cultured skeletal myoblasts can directly ...

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Recent top global hires for large-cap, mid-cap, and public companies, covering a broad range of disciplines and sectors across Life Sciences, Health, and Tech.


Compact System Uses CMOS Digital Imaging and Is Compatible with Chemiluminescence and Fluorescence Detection and Stain-Free Technology.

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Past and present members of Milton Park’s innovation community gathered for a demolition ceremony to celebrate the science and technology that has spun-out of its wartime buildings.