Bio-Rad Launches Validated Antibodies for Rare Cell and Circulating Tumor Cell Enumeration

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Celselect Slides Validated Antibodies


Antibodies Validated for Use with Bio-Rad’s Celselect Slides™ Enumeration Stain Kits to Enable Immunostaining of Captured Circulating Tumor Cells in Liquid Biopsy Samples
HERCULES, Calif. — March 26, 2024 — Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. (NYSE: BIO and BIO.B), a global leader in life science research and clinical diagnostics products, today announced the launch of validated antibodies for rare cell and circulating tumor cell (CTC) enumeration. Validated for use with Bio-Rad’s Celselect Slides Enumeration Stain Kits, the antibodies are specific to CTC surface markers to enable the sensitive and specific identification of target cell populations, enhancing the study of tumor heterogeneity and disease progression at various stages. 
Bio-Rad’s Genesis Cell Isolation System is a customizable benchtop solution that uses unbiased size-based cell selection to gently and efficiently capture a wide range of CTCs and other rare cells from liquid biopsy samples. After capture, the enriched cells can be recovered for downstream analysis, or immuno-stained on-slide for immunofluorescence applications such as enumeration and identification of various CTC types. 
The enumeration of captured CTCs provides valuable insights into the surface markers that indicate cancer type and progression and is critical to understanding the mechanisms of cancer metastasis. For successful enumeration, the antibody reagents require careful selection to ensure not only sensitivity and specificity to the target cell surface marker, but also compatibility with the staining method. Bio-Rad’s new range of validated primary and secondary antibodies enables accurate immunostaining of captured CTCs, supporting cancer researchers working in this field. 
“CTC analysis is a promising tool for the study of tumor heterogeneity and disease progression, offering real-time data and unique insights into cancer metastasis,” said Stephen Kulisch, Vice President of Marketing for Bio-Rad's Digital Biology Group. “The introduction of validated antibodies for target cell identification reflects Bio-Rad’s growing single-cell oncology product portfolio and is a testament to our commitment to deliver highly efficient rare cell capture, enrichment, enumeration, and recovery for cancer researchers.”  
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