NiCHe Materials

NiCHe Materials

NiCHe Materials Ltd is a long-established UK sourcing partner for international clients in the Pharmaceutical, Veterinary and Biotech speciality sectors. 

We specialise in sourcing: 
•    rare 
•    commercially unavailable 
•    lost source and
•    not-in-catalogue materials

Our well-established client base is diverse and located across numerous sectors. They include:
•    CRO's, CDMO's 
•    Research Institutions 
•    Top 5 global Catalogue and Pharma companies
•    Start-up SMEs in Biotech
•    2 of the top 8 international Consulting firms
With 120+ manufacturing partners globally, our aim is to support clients’ bespoke requirements through:
•    support in supplying GMP, ISO and Pharmacopeia grade materials
•    synthesis of proprietary R&D chemicals 
•    scale-up of proof-of-concept materials
•    supply of advanced intermediates, reducing risk and internal FTE effort
In addition, we are able to support clients’ freedom-to-operate enquiries through our own critical analysis of the patent landscape.

With more than 100 years sourcing experience by qualified chemists, engaging NiCHe Materials guarantees you tailored, dedicated support to ensure you achieve your research ambitions.

Contact us at: 

Mike Norman
CEO and Founder, NiCHe Materials Ltd.
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Tel +44 (0) 1202 67 1066
Mob  +44 (0) 7795 10 1066