eMolecules offers the industry’s leading and most powerful specialty chemistry search-and-fulfilment platform for early drug discovery researchers. We provide direct access to the largest in-stock chemical space, sourced from a trusted global network of over 120 suppliers so you can plan your syntheses with confidence.

The eMolecules platform offers >4.1 million chemical building blocks and >20 million screening compounds that are readily available or can be quickly made on-demand using proven reactions. 

 Trusted by the world’s top pharmaceutical and biotech companies, eMolecules provides real-time search results and availability data, offering unmatched choice and selection flexibility from the widest range of brands, pack sizes, pricing and shipping options, with near-100% reliable on-time delivery.

Perform chemical searches across multiple structures from multiple vendors, consolidate your requirements on a single order with eMolecules and we’ll take care of the rest.


Contact us today to gain instant access to the compounds you need at preferential pricing for OBN members.


Contact:  Farkhanda Raja, European Account Manager

Email: farkhanda.raja@emolecules.com

Phone:  +44 78 8378 2922

Website: www.emolecules.com