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Milton Park refreshes brand identity for a changing world and 2040 Vision

Milton Park in Oxfordshire, one of Europe’s largest science and technology communities, has refreshed its brand values and identity to reflect the way in which the world has changed in 2020 and enable it to continue to communicate its 2040 Vision, its pioneering masterplan for how the Park will sustainably grow from 9,000 people to 20,000 people.

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University of Birmingham Enterprise: Spinout 4D Biomaterials ramps up commercialisation for 3D tissue scaffolds

2 December, 20204D Biomaterials has been awarded funding by Innovate UK for the development and commercialisation of a new class of liquid resins that can be custom-printed into bioresorbable 3D tissue scaffolds providing accelerated and improved wound healing following major surgery. 

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Yourgene Health: DPYD kits recommended by NHS England 

Yourgene, the international molecular diagnostics group, welcomes the Clinical Commissioning Urgent Policy Statement, published by NHS England, titled: ‘Pharmacogenomic testing for DPYD polymorphisms with fluoropyrimidine therapies’ recommending the routine availability of DPYD testing prior to the start of treatment with chemotherapeutic drug 5-Fluorouracil (5-FU), to identify the risk of severe side effects. 

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Nikalyte announces new partnership with Microscopy specialists Agar Scientific

Oxford UK: Nanoparticle deposition specialists, Nikalyte Ltd today announced that the company has signed a distributor agreement with UK based microscopy experts Agar Scientific. Agar Scientific has been the go-to supplier for microscopy consumables and laboratory equipment for over forty years. The agreement will see Agar supplying Nikalyte nanoparticle equipment, to customers worldwide.  

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OBN CEO Update: John Harris, CEO, reflects on 2020 and looks forward to 2021

It goes without saying that 2020 has proven to be very challenging on many fronts with repeated lockdowns and restrictions impacting individuals, companies, and the economy as a whole.

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The Biosphere: Pioneering biotech start-up looking to tackle global donor tissue shortages joins growing life science cluster on Newcastle Helix

A biotech start-up, whose technology aims to tackle cornea donor tissue shortages and speed up life-changing transplants worldwide, has moved into a specialist lab facility – The Biosphere on Newcastle Helix.

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University of Birmingham Enterprise: ‘Rapid science’ makes custom-fitted facemasks for NHS workers

A company working with experts from the University of Birmingham and King’s College London has been awarded funding by Innovate UK to produce custom-fitted, reusable, medical grade facemasks that will fit all people regardless of age, sex or ethnicity.  

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University of Birminigham Enterprise: Helicates meet Rotaxanes to create promise for future disease treatment

23 November 2020:  A new approach to treating cancers and other diseases that uses a mechanically interlocked molecule as a ‘magic bullet’ has been designed by researchers at the University of Birmingham.

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University of Birmingham Enterprise: Magnetic brain waves to detect injury and disease

23 November 2020:  Scientists at the University of Birmingham have developed a new sensor to measure weak magnetic signals in the brain, which has the potential to increase understanding of connectivity in the brain, and detect signs of traumatic brain injury, dementia and schizophrenia. 

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University of Birmingham Enterprise: Anti-COVID-19 nasal spray formulated at University of Birmingham, UK is ‘ready for use in humans’

A nasal spray to provide protection against the COVID-19 virus has been formulated by researchers at the University of Birmingham, UK, using materials already cleared for use in humans. 

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