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Oxford Biomedica named as winner of The Oxford Science Park Innovation Award 2019

Oxford, UK, June 18 2019 - Its work on life-changing treatments for serious diseases has earned Oxford Biomedica, a leading gene and cell therapy group, The Oxford Science Park Innovation Award 2019

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Results Healthcare: Why investors trust their gut about the human microbiome

The increasing popularity of the human microbiome in biotech has become a source of scientific and investor excitement in recent years. Microbiomes, or the genes of a community of microbial cells (or microbiota) which the body is host to, have unexpected benefits and implications for overall health, from regulating the immune system, to influencing conditions such as obesity, diabetes, cancer and aging.

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University of Birmingham experts could help NASA’s Mission to Mars

7th June 2019: NASA scientists and astronauts will visit the University of Birmingham to discuss how drug discoveries in NHS patients could reduce brain pressure during space travel to allow them to go beyond the Moon.

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Aigenpulse: Platform Launch Party

Aigenpulse is proud to announce the latest release of our Machine Learning Platform that brings advanced analytics to scientists, enabling data driven decision making!

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The Electrospinning Company: Oxford-based biomaterials manufacturer secures £1.5M Series A VC funding led by Downing Ventures

The Electrospinning Company, first established in 2010 as a spin-out from research undertaken by the UK Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC), has received £1.5 million new funding led by London-based venture capital firm Downing Ventures, alongside VC firm MidVen, Newable Private Investing and the STFC.

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Instinctif Partners makes Managing Partner Promotions

Instinctif Partners’ Corporate and Capital Markets practice has made two Managing Partner promotions in its UK business.

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AMSBIO: 3D Organoid Culture Crucial for Chromosome Segregation

AMSBIO reports on a recent published paper** by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) investigating why epithelial cells grown in monolayers on a plastic dish are worse at segregating their chromosomes than epithelial cells in vivo or in 3D organoid cultures.

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Leaf Expression Systems Launch First Line of Hypertrans® Research Products

29 May 2019: Norwich, UK Leaf Expression Systems, a contract development and manufacturing organisation specialising in the plant-based expression and production of proteins, vaccines, metabolites and complex natural proteins, has announced the launch of its online list of products available for purchase by researchers working within the life sciences and agricultural industries.

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AMSBIO: High Performance Feeder-Free Medium for Pluripotent Stem Cell Culture

AMSBIO introduces StemFit® Basic04, a next generation feeder-free medium for the maintenance of Induced Pluripotent Stem (iPS) and Embryonic Stem (ES) cells during the reprogramming, expansion and differentiation phases of stem cell culture

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World Courier: How can Direct-to-Patient Services Reduce the Burden on Traditional Healthcare?

Ageing populations and an increasing number of people living with long term chronic conditions are prompting healthcare systems worldwide to look again at how – and where – they provide care. 

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