Immunologist (Senior Scientist)

Sitryx Therapeutics
Full Time
1 month ago

Sitryx Therapeutics are looking for a skilled industrial scientist with a deep understanding of human immunology and experience in testing hypotheses to further drug discovery. A laboratory-based scientist able to develop and implement robust assays that recapitulate key aspects of disease biology. The candidate will work as part of a team growing their skills in developing new assays for validation of new drug discovery targets and contribute to mechanism-of-action work for existing pipeline projects.


Main Responsibilities

  • Design, execute and interpret experimental work to propose testable hypothesis for mechanism of action for drug discovery programmes.
  • Propose, design, and implement innovative screening cascades for immunometabolism projects.
  • Guide project teams to identify biomarkers, MOA studies and in vitro to in vivo translational models to support progression of novel drug discovery projects.
  • Enhance our understanding of the immune processes at play in disease models.


For full details about this role and how to apply, please follow this link