19th September 2016: London, UK - SynbiCITE, in association with the Industrial Biotechnology Innovation Centre (IBiolC) will run another of its 4-Day MBA courses for biotech entrepreneurs in Glasgow from 20-24 November. This interactive course will cover key strategies required to establish, build and manage a biotechnology company and aid in developing the entrepreneurship of future leaders.

Participants will receive valuable training from experienced SynbiCITE consultants and registered growth coaches, along with access to a variety of guest speaker appearances and unique networking opportunities. This event is ideal for budding biotech talent, particularly those attempting to start their own biotechnology business.

Applicants must submit a completed registration form to susanneboyle@ibioic.com by Saturday 15 October 2016 to be considered. For further information, please visit https://www.ibioic.com/MBA.htm.

Any questions and queries should be directed to susanneboyle@ibioic.com or john.collins@synbicite.com.