Norwich, UK: Leaf Expression Systems (Leaf), a contract development and manufacturing organisation specialising in plant-based expression of proteins, vaccines, enzymes and complex natural products, is pleased to announce the recent appointment of Dr. Leanne Williams as Business Development Manager. Leanne has over 10 years’ experience working in the life sciences industry in both commercial and academic settings and will lead the growth of Leaf’s pipeline by identifying and establishing commercial collaborations within the global life science industry.

Leanne holds a PhD in plant biology from Imperial College London where she gained extensive experience in plant protein expression and purification, making her well placed to understand the huge potential of Leaf’s innovative plant transient expression technology, Hypertrans®. Her commercial experience in managing a large portfolio makes Leanne ideally suited to working with Leaf’s broad range of clients and in identifying new and emerging products for Leaf to develop, bringing value to its expanding online product portfolio.

Leaf Expression Systems CEO, Simon Saxby, commented: ”We are delighted to welcome Leanne to the team. Her directly relevant scientific credentials together with her extensive commercial experience will add significant value to Leaf’s broadening client base and future growth.”

Dr. Leanne Williams, Business Development Manager added: “I am delighted to be part of Leaf’s fantastic team and I am eager to champion its innovative use of plant-based expression for the production of a wide variety of biologics. My background in plant-based protein expression has provided me with the tools I need in order to be able to demonstrate the game changing potential Hypertrans® has for the pharma, biotech and agritech industries.”