Kinomica are excited to see the following patents granted:
• KSEA (Kinase-substrate enrichment analysis) is now granted in Europe, USA and Japan.
• The database of kinase-substrate relationships granted in Europe with applications filed in the USA and Japan.

KSEA (Kinase-substrate enrichment analysis) is a set of pioneering Machine Learning algorithms to determine which kinase activities are enriched in a sample. KSEA and the database of kinase substrate relationships are a key parts of KScan™, which provides the most advanced readout of kinase activity and cell signalling, to inform therapeutic R&D and diagnostic decision-making. KScan™ can simultaneously examine over 15,000 protein phosphorylation sites and generate a phosphoproteome signature for a sample in a single analysis.
KScan™ enables Kinomica to determine disease mechanisms, identify and validate drug targets and biomarkers, monitor and predict drug efficacy, elucidate mechanisms of action and resistance, and will eventually be used to inform diagnostic decision-making.

The kinase inhibitor market is  forecast to triple in value to US$75 billion by 2024.

Kinomica have global exclusive commercial rights granted by  QMUL

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