Nanopore Tech Tour 2019 - China

Hong Kong 20th Sept│Beijing 23th Sept │Shanghai 26th Sept

What is Nanopore Tech Tour?

A nanopore-sequencing conference featuring scientific talks, poster sessions, plus the opportunity to learn more about the latest technology updates. From library preparation and sequencing live demos, to breakout sessions on bioinformatics tools for nanopore data.

Delegate rates: 

  • Limited offer: $100 (¥675)
  • Poster rate: $100 (¥675)
  • Standard rate: $200 (¥1350)

At Nanopore Tech Tour 2019 – China, you will have the opportunities to:

Hear about the latest research and publications from scientists around the world using nanopore sequencing with:

  • Inspiring, lively plenary talks encouraging open discussion.
  • Lightning talks and poster sessions.
  • Learn about the project planning, flow cell loading and bioinformatics tools using Nanopore from:

  • Breakout sessions about the latest nanopore and third-party open-source tools for processing and analysing nanopore data.
  • 1-1 technical clinics with our technical experts.
  • Flow cell loading practice with our experts on-hand to help.
  • See live demonstrations of the latest nanopore technology:

  • Experience first-hand how nanopore sequencing works in real time, including library preparation, flow cell loading, real-time sample sequencing and data analysis.

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