Aurelia Bioscience, a UK based CRO announces new Kinase Compound Profiling services using Promega’s NanoBRET™ technology.

Aurelia Bioscience is a contract research organisation specialising in customised bioassay development, pharmacological profiling and compound screening. Located in BioCity, Nottingham, it offers expertise in pre-clinical discovery, designing and developing low, medium and high throughput assays for pharmacological profiling, hits-to-lead, lead identification and lead optimisation.

Using Promega’s NanoBRET™ technology, Aurelia Bioscience has implemented intracellular kinase assays designed to study the interaction of compounds on kinase targets in intact living cells. This technique is compatible with analysis under equilibrium conditions, suitable for a wide range of throughput requirements and a good predictor of cellular potency.

“We are very excited about the recent launch and have had a great response already. Aurelia Bioscience is the only CRO in the UK to use Promega’s NanoBRET™ technology for kinase compound profiling, so we’re hoping to contribute to several kinase drug discovery programmes in the next few months!” says Gary Allenby, Chief Scientific Officer, Aurelia Bioscience on the launch of this new service. This is the first biophysical technique to profile compound binding for intracellular targets, which can be used for screening many compounds against one kinase (HTS) or many kinases against one compound (SAR).