The KETs Observatory is an online monitoring platform that aims to provide the EU, national and regional policy makers and business stakeholders with quantitative and qualitative information on the deployment of Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) both within the EU and in comparison with other world regions (e.g. East Asia, North America).

As contract holders of the second phase of this initiative, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) are currently working on on patents, production, employment and trade for each key enabling technology. The data are available in a database format, as well as in the individual country prupdating and advancing the KETs Observatory website. PwC are publishing the most recent sets of quantitative data ofiles for EU and non-EU countries. Additionally, they have published a series of analytical reports on specific promising KETs-based products, that have a high potential for large-scale manufacturing in Europe.

No comparable initiative exists on this scale. This type of information could be valuable for your community, for example, to assess Europe's competitive position, identify specific business opportunities and make strategic decisions.

For more information, please visit the KETs Observatory website at: