STFC is to launch a major funding call this September, targeted towards pioneering healthcare research and development.

The council’s Challenge Led Applied Systems Programme (CLASP) provides funding to support the application and commercialisation of STFC research to address global challenges. These key research challenges include energy, environment, healthcare and security, and each year STFC puts out a call for funding applications to support projects in one of these areas.

On Friday 22nd September, STFC will hold a briefing event to launch the 2017 funding call, this year focussed on addressing healthcare challenges. Up to £2 million is available to applicants with outstanding proposals that translate STFC research into industrial products for which there would be a demonstrable potential market.

The briefing event will allow delegates to discover more about CLASP, and to learn about the priority challenge areas identified by the healthcare community. Attendees will hear from agencies driving the healthcare agenda, and will meet with STFC scientists, and companies and users engaged in healthcare research. There will also be networking opportunities for potential applicants to meet and share ideas with potential project partners.