OMass Therapeutics is an early stage drug discovery company specialized in applying state of the art biophysical platform technologies to discover therapies for severe unmet medical needs in immunology and genetically defined disorders. The company was founded by Professor Dame Carol Robinson to leverage her pioneering work in native mass spectrometry, in studies of dynamic protein assemblies, to characterise challenging drug targets including membrane proteins. The high resolution of our biophysical platform offers an unprecedented advantage in the detection of drug leads.

The company vision is to build an integrated drug discovery company, with biophysical platform technologies at its core, and develop a pipeline of novel therapies. Our ambition is to develop and ultimately commercialise our products.

Following successful Series A funding, the company is expanding significantly in different areas. This is an excellent time to join a dynamic growing company.

OMass Therapeutics is inviting applications for the position of Computational Chemist/Cheminformatician (Senior Scientist II / Principle Scientist depending on experience). The company offers a thriving and creative environment for a well-suited candidate to become an integral part of our future vision.

The successful candidate will possess expert Computational Chemistry/Cheminformatics knowledge with experience in database administration and curation. The role is based in our Oxford site.

Applications to be received by 10th April 2020


  • Ph.D. in computational chemistry or equivalent industrial experience.
  • A significant amount of relevant industry experience in drug discovery across multiple projects from hit finding to candidate selection
  • An appreciation of relevant scientific disciplines that are related to drug discovery and early development such as target validation, pharmacology, SBDD, LBDD, ADME, structural biology and drug safety/toxicology
  • Proficient in database administration, curation and interrogation
  • Proficient in scientific programming language (e.g. Python, Java, C or C++)


Role Responsibilities

  • Promote and maintain the highest levels of scientific excellence in computational chemistry, to help deliver OMass’ pipeline objectives
  • Perform database administration and curation of OMass databases, contributing to the development, testing and maintenance of tools to exploit this unique resource
  • Experience in developing and implementing tools and processes to interrogate data for the purposes of understanding biological, chemical, pharmacological and ADMET data within the context of a drug discovery program
  • Contribute to drug discovery projects by proactively applying computational chemistry and cheminformatics techniques to drive programs forward
  • Publish science in high quality journals and publications
  • Give presentations on OMass’ projects both at internal meetings and externally at conferences
  • Foster collaborations with academia to help ensure that the Computational Chemistry team operates at the highest levels of scientific excellence


Additional expertise

  • Experience of working across multiple target-types including GPCRs, solute carries and other membrane proteins
  • Familiarity with Dotmatics and Schrodinger software suites in addition to a sound knowledge of chemical toolkits is preferred
  • Familiarity with machine/deep learning model development and deployment
  • Experience of project leadership

Applicants should provide a full CV including contact details for 2 referees and a cover letter describing their interest for, and compatibility with, the position.

OMass Therapeutics values diversity and is committed to equality of opportunity, we also have full responsibility to ensure that all employees are eligible to work and live in UK. All applications should be sent to

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: Competitive salary and comprehensive employee benefits