About us

Orbit Discovery is a rapidly growing biotech company specialising in peptide drug discovery built on a novel peptide display and screening platform developed at the University of Oxford. Orbit is well funded with the opportunity to develop highly efficacious peptide-based biological drugs which are suitable and affordable for large patient groups. Orbit has internal discovery programmes and works in collaboration with major pharmaceutical companies in co-development projects.

Overview of the Role

You will be working within the recently established Target Biology group to purify target proteins for screening using Orbit’s novel peptide display platform. Orbit’s target discovery programme is ambitious, and many proteins will require creative and innovative approaches to produce. As many of these targets are integral membrane proteins, you will have a proven track record in membrane protein expression and purification.

The Target Biology group produces protein via a coordinated cell culture pipeline, which you will assist in maintaining. As such, experience in basic cell culture techniques (i.e., cell splitting, transfection, etc.) and an ability to plan for upcoming requirements are essential. Purified target protein will also be used to characterize potential peptide leads in-house, thus experience in assaying for function or ligand binding in vitro would be highly advantageous. In addition, we hope you will bring your own insights and experience to the on-going development of Orbit’s peptide display platform.

Job Responsibilities

  • Express and purify integral membrane proteins for screening on Orbit’s peptide display platform
  • Assist with the maintenance of cell cultures and co-ordination of Orbit’s protein production pipeline
  • Contribute to the on-going development of Orbit’s in-house screening platform
  • Keep up to date with the literature in the field and seek ways to implement emerging technologies and techniques in the lab.
  • Design and perform experiments to characterize effect of peptide leads on target proteins
  • Ensure laboratory records are complete, accurate and up to date
  • Provide regular presentations at both team and company level on progress

Job Requirements


  • PhD in molecular biology and biochemistry
  • Proven experience in recombinant expression and purification of tagged integral membrane proteins
  • Excellent aseptic cell culture technique for maintenance and transfection/transduction of common eukaryotic cell lines (e.g. Sf9, HEK293)
  • Experience using molecular biology tools to design and produce DNA for expressing protein constructs
  • Capacity to execute tasks independently to achieve company goals on an established timeline
  • Superb communication, organization, multi-tasking, creativity, adaptability and teamwork skills
  • Knowledge of, and appreciation for, laboratory safety procedures
  • Enthusiasm to work in a dynamic research environment


  • Experience using the baculoviral expression vector system (BEVS) to overexpress protein
  • Some experience in structural biology; using protein structure to inform investigation on the effect of ligand binding on target function
  • Familiarity with various common membrane memetics used in protein purification (i.e. nano discs, SMALPs, liposomes etc.)

Applicants should provide a full CV with a list of their publications to date, contact details for 2 referees and a cover letter describing their suitability for the position.

Applications should be sent to Careers@orbitdiscovery.com