Ervaxx is pioneering the use of Dark Antigens™ to deliver TCR-based T-cell therapies and targeted off-the-shelf cancer vaccines for treating and preventing cancer. Ervaxx Dark Antigens derive from vast untapped expanses of genetic ‘dark matter’ beyond the normal coding regions of the genome. Ervaxx has identified Dark Antigens that map to multiple solid tumor types and generate robust, antigen-specific T-cell responses.

Ervaxx was founded in 2016 and has been well funded to invest in the build out and growth of our proprietary discovery platform and our fantastic Ervaxx team. The company has offices in London, UK and laboratories in Oxford, UK.

Job Summary

We are looking for a highly motivated Scientist/Senior Scientist who has a deep passion for immunology and the role of T-cells in the exciting field of immuno-oncology. The Scientist/Senior Scientist will conduct highly sensitive CD8+ T-cell assays to evaluate Ervaxx’s novel tumour-specific antigens. They will use their depth of immunological understanding to help in prioritizing the antigens, thereby selecting the best activators of CD8+ cells in the tumor microenvironment.

S/He thrives in a highly collaborative environment working with other scientists internally and externally who bring a range of disciplines to the project to fully understand the MHC1/antigen restricted interactions with the T-cell receptor, leading to destruction of the tumor cells. The Scientist/Senior Scientist will make a major contribution to identify the most immunogenic antigens and cognate T-cell receptors for incorporation into vaccines and biologics or cell therapies to make a meaningful difference for patients suffering from cancer.

The Scientist/Senior Scientist will be expected to:

• Work closely with company bioinformaticians and immunopeptidomic scientists to validate the role of novel T-cell antigens in cancer.

• Conduct and establish a broad range of T-cell assays, including T-cell profiling of low frequency cells (use of ELISPOT, pentamers), FACS sorting/analysis, CTL cloning and recombinant T-cell receptor expression/characterization.

• Design experiments and apply problem solving skills when required.

• Analyze, interpret, and communicate their data ensuring the highest standards of safety, quality, and reproducibility.

• Document their experiments and findings according to high industry standards to support and enable filing of patents and regulatory documents.

• Contribute to a vibrant and innovative working environment where improvements and new ideas are adopted and freely shared among the teams.

Key responsibilities will include:

• Isolating and culturing immune cells from blood; ensuring consistent and reproducible methodologies in a range of immunological assays;

• Designing, conducting, and evaluating T-cell assays using a range of laboratory techniques including ELISPOT, ELISA, Flow cytometry, quantitative PCR; and,

• Producing viral vectors for expression of tumour targets and T-cell receptors in a variety of cell types.

Minimum Qualifications and Experience required:

• A BSc/MSc (Scientist) or PhD (Senior Scientist) in a relevant scientific discipline with a strong expertise in immunology.

• At least 3-5+ years’ experience in relevant Immunological laboratory techniques.

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