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OBN Digital event: 'An insight into OBN Ventures: A new funding solution for early-stage life sciences companies'

Event Start Date: 30/06/2020 14:00

Event End Date: 30/06/2020 15:00

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OBN Digital event: 'An insight into OBN Ventures: A new funding solution for early-stage life sciences companies'

Tuesday 30th June – 14:00-15:00 BST

We are pleased to announce details of this digital event, which will be addressing the topic: 'An insight into OBN Ventures: A new funding solution for early-stage life sciences companies'.

Outline: OBN Ventures Ltd (OBNV) is an FCA-approved on-line investment platform, in collaboration with Envestors Ltd, geared towards connecting investors and early-stage U.K. domiciled life sciences companies seeking funding up to £2.5M.

During the current COVID-19 crisis, most investment pitching events and conferences have been postponed or cancelled, and the major drop in the markets has affected liquidity, meaning securing investment for life sciences companies to build and scale has become ever more challenging.

OBNV offers a practical and innovative solution to these problems enabling companies to access the investment they need to continue to function and grow and match funding to potentially leverage Government grants and competitions.

This platform is totally complementary to OBN’s major investment conferences (BioTrinity® and BioSeed®) and offers the advantages of leveraging a wider range of investors and availability on a year-long basis.

This digital event will give a brief background to OBNV and highlight why you should use the platform, particularly in the current crisis, with the opportunity to ask our speakers any pressing questions you have.

Keynote Speakers

John Harris, Investment Director of OBNV and CEO of OBN

Jonathan Rohll, Deal Manager, OBNV

Oliver Woolley, CEO, Envestors Ltd

Josef Fuss, Partner, Taylor Wessing 

This hour-long digital event will cover:

  • Who are OBN Ventures and what do they offer?
  • Who is it applicable to?
  • Why should you submit a proposal to this platform?
  • How to navigate the platform
  • How to prepare a successful proposal
  • The benefits of a secure on-demand data room, real-time analytics, and Q&A facilities
  • Compatibility with EIS/SEIS Tax Relief
  • Associated investor networks
  • The importance of validating your valuation
  • Keeping your investors happy with regular and honest contact

The importance of investor relations cannot be overstated. You must be able to communicate your company’s investment proposition, strategy, and performance effectively and clearly. Knowing who can help you build your knowledge, or find information, and convincing them to help you, is as vital as the knowledge itself.