Data Magik is proud to announce the launch of our latest version of clinical trial system “Kapture” and brand new website (

Kapture v7 is built on the latest programming language to enable it to be used on any browser on any device, from smartphone to laptop. Powered by  Amazon Web Services, Kapture is a fast and reliable cloud-based software. This latest release includes modules such as eConsent, Gantt Chart creator and Cognitive Assessment Tools to go alongside it’s improved core modules Electronic Data Capture (EDC), Clinical Data Management System (CDMS), Interactive Web Response System (IWRS), Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) and real time Reports.

After months of extensive validation and testing, to ensure 21 CFR part 11 compatibility, Kapture v7 has started to be used in anger, with three studies already going live.

If you choose to use Kapture for your trial you receive a bespoke version designed based on detailed discussions with Data Magik’s experienced team. This ensures your trial gets Kapture moulded to your specifications and tailored to your trial’s needs. Either use the full clinical trial system for all modules integrated together with the eCRF or select just the modules required for your trial. Our dedicated support team are easy to talk to, responsive and can release new versions just for your trial for new features or to ensure validity of the data.

Kapture can be used for all stages of clinical trials; use it for clinical trial planning with the Gantt, CTMS and IWRS modules, use it for collecting data with the EDC, eConsent and Cognitive Assessment Tools, use it for trial management with the CDMS and CTMS and use it for summarising results with the Realtime reports.

Here at Data Magik, with our extensive experience in data management and statistics, we can “hold your hand” and support you throughout the whole clinical trial process from protocol and CRF design to collecting the data and finally analysing the results.

To request a demo and for more information on how Kapture can improve efficiency, accuracy and reliability for your trial contact Adam and his team at or call on +44(0)1722 712972.