In just three years, employee wellbeing has gone from being a niche benefit to a mainstream strategic concern for businesses. That’s one of the key findings to come out of a new report by a professional association specialising in employee rewards and benefits.

According to the Reward & Employee Benefits Association’s (REBA) latest annual research into employee wellbeing, 68.4% of firms now have a strategy in place for monitoring employee wellbeing. This compares to just 29.8% of firms back in 2016. In other words, the number of businesses now placing significant focus on employee wellbeing has more than doubled in just three years.

Conducted alongside AXA PPP Healthcare, the REBA Employee Wellbeing Research 2019 shows that if wellbeing initiative adoption continues at its current rate, the number of businesses without a wellbeing strategy could be as low as 17% by next year.

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