An energy management company which helps organisations and businesses drive down the cost of their energy bills has been given a UK government certification for protecting sensitive client data.

The Utility Team advises, manages and assists a range of customers from social housing, schools and retailers to property management companies, to understand the best way to buy and manage energy. As well as a number of other steps they have taken to protect customer and staff data, (including obtaining the internationally recognised ISO Certification), the company is now verified by the government backed Cyber Essentials scheme. Cyber Essentials helps you to guard against the most common cyber threats and demonstrate your commitment to cyber security.

Utility Team Operations Director, Grace Breen said: “ Our clients’ information is important to them and therefore it is important to us. We wanted to ensure we had the most secure system in place to protect their valuable data and going through the UK Government’s Cyber Essentials certification process was the best way to do this.


“We were helped enormously by the team from Risk Evolves who we brought in to take us through the certification. They walked us through the process using clear and simple language, were great team players and understood our needs as a business in the way we retain and use data and helped us put in place the most secure system possible.”


Managing Director of Risk Evolves, Helen Barge said: “ For many small to medium businesses, being compliant with the new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) and having the time and staff resources to do the work needed feels like a burden.


“However, it isn’t as onerous a task as people think. It proves to organisations how, by putting a few simple measures in place, they can show their clients they really do respect their data and have taken steps to protect it. We were delighted to work with the Utility Team to help them through the Cyber Essentials certification.  The Information Commissioners Office (ICO) supports the use of the Cyber Essentials, and is a good starting point for implementing security measures for the GDPR”


Utility Team’s IT providers, Zenzero, have been working with the company and their other customers to encourage take-up of the Cyber Essentials scheme.


Zenzero’s Service Delivery Director, Mike Penny said: “ We are pleased to be working with a company, like Utility Team, which takes security seriously and is investing in it. How you, as an organisation or business, manage data, IT policies, firewalls is critical nowadays.


“As an IT provider we believe the decision over cyber security has to be business led. We can implement all that is needed to make the systems secure but the will has to come from the organisation. Cyber Essentials is the first rung of the ladder and we would encourage all our clients to make this a fundament of their business decision making process.”



For further information contact:

Helen Barge, Managing Director, Risk Evolves

Tel: 01926 800710

Gail Downey, Media and Communications Manager, Risk Evolves

(m) 07976 819913


About Risk Evolves:

Risk Evolves helps businesses prepare and meet risk management across operations, the supply chain and IT. The company specialises governance, risk and compliance management, focusing on key risk areas such as cyber security, the GDPR, supply chain management and helping businesses achieve certifications and international standards such as ISO9001.

Risk Evolves was set up by risk management specialist Helen Barge. Helen and the team have experience in a wide range of sectors and are passionate about helping businesses and organisations manage their risks, preventing unwelcome surprises to their organisations and seizing opportunities to grow their businesses.

Helen and her team provide simple preventative measures to ensure the safety and security of your business. They work with a wide range of organisations and specialists to identify and manage risk and to protect reputation issues occur.

About Utility Team:

Utility Team are expert energy consultants who procure, manage and reduce energy consumption and associated costs for clients of all sizes. This is done through high-quality project management and unique energy funding vehicles.

We have been trading since 2009 and our company shares a collective wealth of over a hundred years of energy industry knowledge.

What makes us different, is our track record in pioneering innovative products, services and funding combined with excellent customer care provided by our expert energy consultants.