Chronos Therapeutics Announces Positive Pre-clinical Proof of Concept in MS Fatigue Model. Patents for the Fatigue programme awarded in USA and Europe. 

Oxford, UK 4 December 2018: Chronos Therapeutics Ltd (Chronos) the private biotech company focused on behavioural and degenerative diseases of the brain, announced today that its small molecule, CT-005404 demonstrated positive pre-clinical results in an in vivo model of fatigue in multiple sclerosis (MS).

Chronos also announced the grant of composition of matter patents covering the programme in the USA and Europe. Up to 80% of MS patients suffer from moderate to severe fatigue regardless of disease subtype (relapsing-remitting versus progressive forms). This significantly impacts their quality of life. There are currently no drugs specifically approved for patients with MS who suffer from fatigue and even off label treatments used offer sub-optimal efficacy with a burden of side effects. CT-005404, a new chemical entity is a highly selective atypical dopamine transporter (DAT) inhibitor. The programme represents a novel approach to the treatment of fatigue in MS. Chronos also announced strengthening of its IP position with the grant of two US patents and one European patent covering lead and back up molecules (US Patent No. 9,908,897 and US Patent No. 9,920,053, European Patent No. EP 3194385). 
Dr Fraser Murray, CSO, said: “A typical DAT inhibitors represent an exciting therapeutic opportunity that is highly differentiated, having a non-stimulant profile, addressing perceived issues with abuse liability. Selectively inhibiting DAT is a novel approach in the treatment of fatigue in MS, a significant area of unmet medical need. We believe that the clear efficacy of CT-005404 seen in a pre-clinical model of fatigue in MS, with very high selectivity vs other monoamine transporters gives us confidence to advance CT-005404 towards clinical development. Given the conserved mechanism of central fatigue across multiple diseases this also presents an opportunity to treat patients with fatigue across a range of diseases” Dr Huw Jones, CEO added: We have generated yet another set of clear proof of concept data showing promise in a drastically under-served area of brain medicine. Again* we have achieved this speedily and with financial efficiency showing that we have the ability to re-start acquired programmes, improve on them and move them efficiently to significant development milestones. I applaud our senior team for these achievements. We now have three programmes in radically different brain diseases all at a similar stage of development that have promise in alleviating significant suffering.”  

* See Chronos press release 2 May announcing Binge Eating Disorder programme POC.