Chronos Therapeutics Ltd (Chronos) the private biotech company focused on ageing diseases, brain and nervous system disorders, announced today that the lead compound in its addiction programme, CT-010018 an orexin-1 antagonist, demonstrated positive pre-clinical proof of concept (POC) results in an in vivo model of binge eating disorder (BED). BED is a psychiatric condition, is classified in the American Psychiatric Association handbook, DSM-5 and is more common than anorexia and bulimia combined. Vyvanse (lisdexamfetamine dimesylate) is currently the only medication approved to treat moderate to severe binge eating disorder in adults.

Orexin-1 antagonism is viewed as one of the most attractive targets in BED. Targeting this brain system has the promise to provide effective treatment of BED with no abuse liability, anhedonia, anorexia or somnolence. Dr Fraser Murray, CSO said: “We are encouraged by these results demonstrating the efficacy of CT-010018 in a pre-clinical model of BED, an area where a large unmet medical need remains. This result provides a solid foundation from which to advance CT-010018 towards clinical development.”Dr Huw Jones, CEO commented: “These positive pre-clinical results demonstrate our ability to deliver potentially market-leading profiles with speed and capital efficiency. We have three programmes targeting BED, MS Fatigue and the fatal motor neurone disease ALS. Each programme is delivering exciting data as we progress towards the clinic.”

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About Chronos Therapeutics
Chronos Therapeutics Ltd is a privately held Oxford, UK-based biotechnology company focused on diseases of ageing, brain and nervous system disorders. Chronos has a dedicated
laboratory in Oxford which screens for activity of drugs in brain disease through its proprietary platform, ChronoscreenTM.

The company has an extensive library of re-purposed molecules showing promise for brain and neurological diseases. The lead compound, RDC5, is being developed for the fatal neurodegenerative disease, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). A phase 1 study is complete for RDC5 and the company anticipates completing Investigational New Drug (IND) activities in 2019 in anticipation of starting a Phase 2a clinical study in ALS patients. Chronos recently acquired three new chemical entity (NCE) development programmes for CNS diseases. The most advanced programme is initially targeting fatigue associated with multiple sclerosis. The company’s orexin-1 antagonist programme is following closely behind and expected to enter the clinic at a similar time. Other, earlier programmes address serious behavioural and neurodegenerative conditions. Chronos' major shareholders include Vulpes Life Sciences, Odey Asset Management, the University of Oxford, an affiliate of Shire PLC, the Board and Management. For additional information, please visit: