Neurocentrx are developing new uses and methods of administration for ketamine. Historically, ketamine has been used as an anaesthetic, but recent research shows this drug can also be used to help with pain management, such as required by cancer patients during treatment, and also psychiatric conditions such as depression.

Until now ketamine has not been suitable to treat these symptoms and conditions, but Neurocentrx are developing a new oral capsule format, that is easy to dose control, and can even be administered outside of a hospital environment, allowing countless more patients to be able to take advantage of the benefits this drug has now been proven to offer. 

Nigel Brooksby and Dr Tim Corn have both joined the board, bringing with them significant experience from their previous high-profile roles in the healthcare and pharmaceutical sector, so it’s fantastic to see Neorocentrx receiving this great support as the company reaches this exciting new phase.