Platelet Function Testing Kits are a completely unique concept in the assessment of platelet function. They can monitor the effectiveness of standard anti-platelet agents like aspirin, clopidogrel, prasugrel and ticagrelor, and allow healthcare providers to make a tailored prescription for their patients. The kits contain a patented fixative solution that stabilises platelet activation markers for up to 9 days- allowing remote or delayed analysis. Each kit includes all that is needed to activate and fix platelets in a few easy steps. The blood is taken, processed using the kit and then analysed by flow cytometry at customer convenience or sent to us for expert analysis. Platelet function testing kits enable testing at several sites and analysis at one central laboratory thus offering a reliable standardised approach for testing platelets in a multicentre setup.

About Platelet Solutions Ltd

Platelet Solutions Ltd is a spin-out company of the University of Nottingham and is the outcome of many years of research and experience in the Thrombosis and Haemostasis Group. The company focuses on the provision of products and services for platelet function testing. Platelet function testing is required for diagnosis of abnormal bleeding and to monitor platelet function in those who are at-risk of vascular events such as heart attack or stroke. Previously, platelet function analysis had to be performed immediately after taking the blood sample but our  atented method allows samples to be processed using simple disposable kits and be posted for expert analysis. Through our unique fixatives and kits, Platelet Solutions provides a paradigm shift in the assessment of platelet function. Samples can be collected and processed using easy-to-use test kits by anyone with expertise in blood collection. Patented fixing solution stabilises the samples for reliable analysis at a remote location or at a later time to suit customer needs.