Oxford, UK: CREDOS announces the launch of ‘Biotherapeutics News and Views’.  Published quarterly, this newsletter will aim to cover key topics in the biopharmaceutical industry. CREDOS is a specialist consultancy tailored to the discovery and development of biological therapeutics (www.credos-bio.co.uk)

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CREDOS is a leading source of specialist technical expertise & consulting services for antibody and protein-based therapeutic discovery & development.  Founded in 2015, CREDOS consultants share an established track record in biotherapeutic drug discovery, collectively spanning all disciplines from project set-up, translational studies through to regulatory filing.  CREDOS supports a wide range of clients providing services which include the formulation and execution of very early discovery, as well as later development plans for various biotherapeutic modalities; the creation of virtual multi-disciplinary teams for complex projects; due diligence opportunities and risk assessments; life cycle management of biologics portfolios; and bespoke training to address gaps in knowledge.   

To find out more please contact Emma Campbell, Director, CREDOS, on 07765 220458 or email emma.campbell@credos-bio.co.uk, or visit our website www.credos-bio.co.uk