Company Description

Future Blends Limited is a company focusing on the development of technology solutions in advanced biomass-based energy. Future Blends was set up to focus on the rapid development of pyrolysis and upgrading technologies to produce advanced biofuels for use in the transportation sector. At its heart is a fundamental belief that converting residual and non-edible biomass into energy, liquid fuels and bio-chemicals benefits the world through carbon reduction compared to the use of fossil fuels, and is superior to converting food-based agricultural products to energy as seen in the first generation biofuels market. Future Blends is a partner in advanced biofuels, developing a range of technology solutions and knowhow which have wide applications across the advanced biofuels and bio-chemicals sectors.

Job Description

Future Blends is looking to assemble a committed team to transform the proof-of-concept into commercial reality. For this position, we are looking for a university graduate from chemical engineering or chemistry to help with daily running of experimental rigs. This position will involve a lot of hands-on laboratory work with operating experimental equipment as well as separation and characterisation of reaction products.

Required Qualifications and Experience:

  • Bachelor degree in chemical engineering, chemistry, thermal engineering or related discipline.
  • Knowledge of biomass pyrolysis would be beneficial but is not essential..
  • Effective oral and written communication skills and interpersonal skills.


  • To help with day-to-day running of biomass pyrolysis and upgrading rigs, including cleaning and setting of the rig, running the rig, collecting and submitting samples for analysis.
  • To help with modifications required to improve the performance of the rigs, maintain a safe and tidy process laboratory and keep the rigs always in good workable condition.
  • To help with upgrading products separation, including centrifuging, vacuum distillation and solvent extraction. 


If you are interested in this position please send a CV and cover letter to Dr. Shane O’Leary at FutureBlends: