We would like to invite a current undergraduate student to join our team of collaborative software engineers for a year-long (10-12 month) placement. Our team builds systems and tools to help transform drug discovery and improve human health. We value well-crafted software and clean architecture, developed through a steady process of incremental change. Our software developers continually strive to master new technologies and techniques, and always aim to choose the right tool for the task at hand. We reserve 10% of our working week for the exploration of new ideas, and share what we have learned with each other through mentorship, pair programming, and tech talks. We work in productive partnerships with our data scientists, statisticians, and domain experts to advance our understanding of the human wiring diagram.

We welcome applications from students with existing coding skills who would value the opportunity to take a year out of university to hone those skills and gain experience in a collaborative development environment before returning to university to complete their degree. We are also happy to accommodate those whose degree programme includes a year-in-industry placement (and thus may have specific reporting and/or supervision requirements) . 

Team members will be expected to gather requirements, design systems, plan and estimate implementation work, and produce quality code - all in close collaboration with colleagues. We are flexible in terms of what programming languages and paradigms we use: if at least two other team members are comfortable working in a language, it is a candidate for production use. Our philosophy is that development skills are largely independent of language, and the ideal applicant would be able to learn the basics of a new language in a matter of days, and to become productive in it within a few weeks. For this reason, rather than requiring applicants to have a specific set of language skills, we expect a successful applicant will have had exposure to a number of different languages as a side-effect of previous development projects, and should have demonstrable skill in at least two of them. 

Our current technology stack includes systems and tools written in C, C++, ES / Javascript, Go, Haskell, Python, and R. We run our systems on an OpenStack-based private cloud, and a sizeable High Performance Computing (HPC) facility powers our scientific research. We rely on scientific workflow engines to run reproducible data analysis expressed descriptively in WDL / CWL. We leverage Apache Arrow to facilitate scalable zero-copy I/O from our binary data stores, and base our metadata stores on MongoDB and Postgres. We present our analyses via web-based interfaces using React and D3, and provide REST APIs and end-user libraries to access data with bindings in Python and R. We have a strong culture for Continuous Integration and Delivery (CI/CD) as well as scientific regression testing and benchmarking.

You should have:

  • Completed at least one year of study for a degree in Computer Science, Computer Science and Engineering, or Software Engineering (and expect to complete a second year before the placement begins).
  • Skill coding in multiple programming languages.
  • Critical thinking skills and attention to detail.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Enthusiasm for problem solving and interest in being part of transformative work in the field of genomics and healthcare.
  • Your background should include:
  • Experience producing useful software (perhaps as part of course work, personal projects, contributions to open source software, or from previous employment).
  • Experience using Linux-based operating systems.

In return we offer:

  • The opportunity to work alongside talented colleagues in an enthusiastic company that combines cutting-edge science with commercial delivery.
  • A focus on rapid commercial translation (independently and with our partners), so our work improves people’s lives.
  • Access to amazing data – you will work with one of the largest and fastest-growing genotype-phenotype databases in the world.
  • Dedicated time for hacking on blue sky projects and research.
  • A competitive salary.

Given the sensitive nature of data used in Genomics plc you will be expected, as with all other employees, to ensure high standards of information security in your work.

Please apply with a CV and cover letter addressing the above criteria to recruitment@genomicsplc.com.

Genomics plc welcomes applications from all candidates irrespective of age, disability, gender identity, marital or civil partnership status, sexual orientation, sex, race, religion or belief, or pregnancy/maternity status.