About us
Orbit Discovery is a rapidly growing biotech company specialising in peptide drug discovery built on a novel peptide display and screening platform developed at the University of Oxford. Orbit is well funded with the opportunity to develop highly efficacious peptide-based biological drugs which are suitable and affordable for large patient groups. Orbit has internal discovery programmes and works in collaboration with major pharmaceutical companies in co-development projects.

Job description
You will play a key role in developing novel proprietary compounds that will be evaluated as potential therapeutic candidates. Your main responsibility will be to synthesize, purify and characterize synthetic peptides. In addition, you will support the development of new peptide libraries and the optimization of drug like properties with leading molecules.

Overview of the role
This role is critical to our success by helping to ensure and improve the performance of our peptide chemistry laboratory and to expand its utility. You will be a highly organised, collaborative, detail-oriented scientist possessing knowledge and experience in peptide chemistry, bioorganic chemistry or medicinal chemistry with an ability to produce work to a high standard. You should also be experienced in structural characterization of peptides, together with a desire to undertake cutting-edge scientific research and drug discovery. You will support a novel peptide display technology and drive peptide drug discovery. You will have the opportunity to be trained in other technologies, be a key member of the chemistry team and will benefit from an excellent remuneration package including share options.

Job Responsibilities

  • Synthesize peptides both in solution and solid phase.
  • Synthesize protected amino acid derivatives and resin modification.
  • Perform different peptide conjugation including dye-labelled, lipidation, and others.
  • Perform and optimise peptide cyclisation via various chemistries.
  • Perform peptide analysis using LC-MS, HPLC, TLC, UV-Vis.
  • Perform peptide purification using Prep-HPLC, recrystallization, and others.
  • Development, analysis and application of SAR to design new peptide libraries.
  • Develop methodology to enhance efficiency and throughput of reactions to produce peptide libraries.
  • Program and operate instrumentation such as automated parallel peptide synthesizers, semipreparative and preparative HPLCs, and an analytical LC/MS.
  • Population and maintenance of compound databases with relevant information.
  • Ensure that the day-to-day tasks are completed professionally and safely.
  • Liaise with CROs and manage external projects to obtain compounds critical to achievement of corporate goals.

Job Requirements


  • PhD in Peptide Chemistry, Bioorganic Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry or related disciplines.
  • Prior laboratory research experience with synthesis and purification of peptides.
  • Expertise in modern peptide chemistry especially SPPS and NCL.
  • Expertise with aqueous bioconjugation and non-aqueous conjugation chemistry.
  • Capacity to execute tasks independently to achieve company goals on an established timeline.
  • Superb communication, organization, multi-tasking, creativity, adaptability and teamwork skills.
  • Knowledge of, and appreciation for, laboratory safety procedures.
  • Enthusiasm to work in a dynamic research environment.


  • Experience with saccharide and/or nucleotide chemistry is highly desirable but not required.
  • Experience with DNA—drug conjugation chemistry is a plus.
  • Proficiency in software such as SciFinder, PyMol and ChemDraw.
  • Demonstrates inter-disciplinary knowledge of drug discovery (in vitro/in vivo pharmacology, ADME, PK/PD/E, translational research & toxicology) and is able to use this knowledge to influence project strategy.

Applicants should provide a full CV with a list of their publications to date, contact details for 2 referees
and a cover letter describing their suitability for the position.

Applications should be sent to Careers@orbitdiscovery.com