Neuro-Bio ( is a privately held company taking a new approach to neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s Disease. Building on 40 years of original research initially at Oxford University, and now based at the Culham Science Centre, we research a novel signaling molecule (a peptide ‘T14’) significantly elevated in Alzheimer’s brains and driving the cycle of brain cell death in selectively vulnerable cells. Neuro-Bio is developing a system for detection of T14 as a companion blood biomarker for early diagnosis of neuro-degenerative disorders along with novel drug candidates that could constitute a completely different type of drug to actually halt the neurodegenerative process.
Commencing in late spring the Company is seeking to appoint two posts, both with commercial expertise in their respective fields, that reflect the diversity of the Neuro-Bio approach to developing a novel treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease: a Head of Diagnostics and Head of Therapeutics, both in turn reporting directly to the CEO. In both cases the individuals will be responsible for the effective development of the two basic applications of Neuro-Bio research towards combatting neurodegenerative disorders, in particular Alzheimer’s Disease: in combination, these two parallel approaches could be combined into an effective first-in-class treatment.
These posts would operate independently yet be complementary with the individuals staying in close contact.
Candidate(s) would have experience within the life sciences industry, particularly within a smaller company environment. A detailed strategy with clear milestones for the next two to five years will be developed and the candidates would work with the CFO to create a budget to support the scientific program. With demonstrable leadership and operational capabilities and industry experience, these individuals will drive the biomarker and drug development programmes and champion the scientific progress of the identified biomarker and identified drug candidates through both in-house and outsourced external partnerships.
• Companion Biomarker - to date Neuro-Bio has shown that the naturally occurring peptide is significantly elevated in the brains of cognitively impaired patients. We have now succeeded in developing an assay system for detecting the peptide in cerebrospinal fluid and human blood, and have some promising early data from small scale studies and is increasing access to larger cohorts.
• Therapeutic – Neuro-Bio have patented a prototype drug molecule which has shown positive effects in vitro and ex-vivo in reducing both toxicity of the primary agent, identified by Neuro-Bio, and subsequent generation of amyloid and tau, driven by the novel toxin. Further studies are progressing to improve druggability of this prototype, achieve greater accessibility across the blood-brain barrier and generate in vivo data by investigating the possible neuroprotective effects in rat Alzheimer’s models.
Key Opportunities this role provides
• To join a company with a unique approach to combating neurodegenerative disorders
• Translation of a novel theory of the basic mechanism of neurodegeneration inspiring a first in class pipeline of applications to biomarkers, therapeutics and animal models
• Opportunity for a leadership role within a scientific environment.
• Attractive geographical location with an easy access to Heathrow airport, Oxford and London and ample parking
• Working with a highly motivated team of scientists
• Competitive package, including performance-based equity
• Scientific degree, with MBA and/or PhD preferred
• Commercial experience in Biomarker validation
• Experience in drug development, in particular from early stage to Phase I studies
• Track record gained within the biotech sector /pharmaceutical industry
• Experience in CNS drug sector
• Ideally, experience of working within successful, smaller companies, with an understanding of the challenges facing an innovative company going through rapid growth, both in UK and overseas
• Extensive experience of interfacing with, and influencing authorities and scientific groups.
Personal Qualities
• Articulate communicator who can express and communicate ideas well
• Excellent leadership that focusses on teamwork and building alliances
• A combination of scientific strength and commercial acumen.
• Demonstrable strategic vision, with the ability to plan forward and to implement, in order to achieve the goals that embody the vision of the Business
• Flexibility, integrity and a clear sense of accountability
• Results-driven, with high level of tenacity, enthusiasm, passion and energy
• Outstanding presentation and communication skills
• Self-sufficiency and the confidence to challenge dogma
• An agile mind, with the ability to catch up/keep up and set a clear plan – and to deliver on it